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Plastic facts:

1 million

Plastic bags are
used every minute


More plastic debris
than plankton in the oceans


Years for a
plastic bag to degrade


plastic bags
are recycled

Make Tags

We want to raise awareness and get rid of excess plastic while helping unleash our inner artists AND explorers. Gather plastic. Get creative. Mail your tags. Win a trip. Enjoy.

How it Works

Get Tags

Be a part of the solution simply by getting one of our unique luggage tags and bringing it with you on your travels. Your donation will fund trips. Donate. Get your tag. Show it off. Spread the love.

How it Works

What can you do to help?

The efforts of governments and retailers will go to waste if we, the consumers, don’t contribute to the reduction of plastic usage. Yes, you’re used to it. It’s convenient. But there are other, better alternatives. We just need to shift our mindsets and create new habits.

Here are some every day suggestions:

  • Start by bringing your own eco-friendly shopping bags and reuseable water bottles.
  • Reuse and Recycle your plastics at home. You can take them to a nearby recycling center.
  • Choose businesses that support the effort to reduce plastic bag/bottle/cups/cutlery/straws usage.
  • Let’s start educating our children about the plastic problem so they will continue the efforts and go green themselves.
  • Spread awareness by not accepting plastic bags or straws from retailers and bars.
  • Stop using plastic altogether. Remember, if it's tough, it means it's possible ;)

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Alexander von Humboldt